Stealth Puzzle Game Sneaky Sneaky Launches on iOS


Naiad Entertainment has announced the launch of its debut title, Sneaky Sneaky, on iOS devices. The level-based stealth puzzle and adventure game sees players, as a thief, exploring environments and collecting treasures alongside a turn-based encounter system. Each level may have different paths to victory, allowing players to discover which methods work best for them.

In Sneaky Sneaky, players are captured after they’ve attempted a huge heist, and their stolen treasures are stolen from them. The game challenges users to escape their prison and retrieve those lost treasures without getting caught (again). Each level contains multiple rooms or environments, and players tap on the ground to direct their player’s steps.

Some rooms may contain enemies, and players can collect new tools as they progress to take them down (or figure out a way to sneak past, if that’s an option). One level may see players using a sword to attack armed guards, for instance, while another turns the player into an archer, firing arrows at enemies across long distances. In this particular example, players would chop down trees to gather additional arrows, and can tap and drag on the screen to aim their shots at enemies.

When attempting to sneak through environments, players must keep an eye on their enemies’ fields of sight, represented by colored boxes on the ground. Users can stand behind tall objects or hide in bushes and haystacks (as examples) to get around enemies, with some enemies being mobile, and others stationary.

If players are detected, they enter into turn-based battles with the approaching enemy. Even if players are detected and attacked, there’s still a chance to escape, as players can move away from the enemy (and potentially hide) when it’s their turn. If players do fail a stage, they can try the level from the beginning.

Each level contains three gems to collect, which may be placed in out-of-the-way locations. These gems aren’t required for level progression, but players can replay stages to collect missed gems or otherwise increase their high score. Users earn experience points after each level, with light RPG mechanics allowing players to level up the thief’s attributes in between stages. These upgrades may increase the thief’s health, increase the damage caused when attacking with a sword or bow, or add one tile to the player’s movement range during encounters.

Sneaky Sneaky is available to download for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store.