Steal treasures using telepathy in Third Eye Crime on iOS


Independent game developer Moonshot Games and publisher gameblyr have announced the launch of Third Eye Crime on iOS devices. The noir-style puzzle game was developed by veterans from console game developer Bungie. It sees players taking on the role of Rothko, a thief with telepathic powers, challenged with collecting valuable treasures without getting caught.

The game offers 120 levels of environmental puzzles, as players will use Rothko’s telepathy to predict where security guards and other enemies will travel next.

In each level, players have an exit point to reach and multiple guards or obstacles to overcome. Not all levels contain treasure pieces, but the overall goal is the same: make it to the exit without getting caught. Enemies have large blue view cones, and crossing them starts their patrol.

The ground turns red to indicate where the guards believe Rothko is hiding or walking, so players can use this to their advantage, hiding until an area is no longer red, or simply walking on a path to avoid the red. Other levels may have motion detectors, which trigger the chase without a guard actually seeing Rothko, but the telepathic ability stays the same.

Each level offers up to three badges, and can be replayed multiple times in an effort to unlock all three. These badges may coincide with beating a level quickly, only getting spotted once, or even completing stages without ever been seen.


Third Eye Crime offers additional game modes, including those challenging players to beat record times for level completion. It’s been optimized for iOS 7 and features Game Center support.

“Going from a 200-person studio like Bungie to our own four-person indie studio brought on a lot of interesting challenges and hats to wear, but it has been a blast bringing our dream of bringing a film noir game to life,” said Damian Isla, president of Moonshot Games and creative director of Third Eye Crime. “We want to assure gamers of one thing: you have never played anything like Third Eye Crime.”

The first 40 levels of Third Eye Crime are available in the game’s initial download for $2.99. Two other packs of 40 levels each can be purchased for $0.99.

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