Steal cheese for your stockpile in The Rats Online on Facebook

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Do you have what it takes to control the mightiest rat pack and claim domination over the cheese empire? That’s the question posed by The Rats Online, Intenium’s action strategy game on Facebook. The game mixes pet care elements with action, as players complete battles and missions to steal as much cheese as possible for their own stockpile.

The entire point of The Rats Online is to collect cheese and defeat enemy rats. This is accomplished by seizing cheese from the bases of other real world players, or defeating enemy rats who protect that cheese. During each raid, players can complete multiple actions (each with a different rat from their team), so the skill level of the active rat also plays a role in their success.

A general rule of thumb sees smaller slices of cheese being easier to steal than larger pieces, but there’s always an element of luck at play. Gamers can continue to steal cheese until they run out of rats, or, if they’re feeling worried, they can cut and run with their current spoils at any time.

Cheese is used outside of combat to feed rats, leveling them up into stronger units. It’s also used in single-player dungeons, against enemies like skeletons. In these cases, enemies are “stuffed” with cheese to the point of explosion, so the more cheese players keep on hand at all times, the better.

If rats are injured during combat, they’ll need to rest and heal over time. Players can also use premium healing packs to refresh the rats instantly.

The Rats Online is available to play for free on Facebook, and is also available for free on iOS devices. It has over 833,000 monthly active users, according to AppData.

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