Staying Abreast of WaPo Newsroom Uproar

After he got through the horror of seeing the word “boobs” in print (in a quote, we might add), WaPo Assistant Managing Editor/Personnel Peter Perl fired off this disgusted missive to me late yesterday afternoon. This was before, as FBDC reported earlier today, WaPo went ahead today and issued that newsroom survey about the new “Post Now” video feature starring Anqoinette Crosby.

Subject line: Remarkable

“I would not know where to begin exactly in expressing how offensive your writing was today.  The sexist nature of the piece about Anqoinette Crosby was quite stunning to me, as if it was written by a teenaged boy circa 1958. I think it is a sad commentary on your work and your character.


Peter Perl”

Dear Mr. Perl: You have every right to write in and I appreciate your honesty. No doubt you were just as aghast when then-Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) showed some cleavage on the Senate Floor and your own paper covered it in a story headlined, “Hillary Clinton’s Tentative Dip Into New Neckline Territory” complete with a near boob shot. But let’s see how appalled you really are after those newsroom surveys start rolling in. A Washington, D.C. reporter put it better than we ever could: “People need to get a sense of humor (and a bra!).”