‘Stay Away From My Sex Bed!’ Product Design Copyright Violation Crosses Over Into Real Life


How does that old bit of common knowledge go? VHS was successful because that’s what the porn industry took to? The same with CD-Roms and DVDs, right? And lord knows the internet got to where it is because of it. So it only makes sense that perhaps the first case of virtual product design copyright violation should have something to do with sex. And that it does. The UK Times are reporting on a suit against Volkov Cattaneo, who is claimed to have stolen and began selling a bed that allows Second Life avatars to have sex on, from Kevin Alderman, owner of the Florida-based Eros LLC. Alderman was selling them for $45 a piece, whereas the supposed thief was pushing them out for just $15. The most uncomfortable thing, beside the price, is that they’ve sold thousands of these things. The whole story is just a walk through the bizarre. Here’s a little:

Francis Taney, Mr Alderman’s lawyer, said that his client is requesting financial information as well as internet address details of Catteneo from both Linden Labs and Pay Pal, which Catteneo has used to conduct transactions online.

“Eros products have built a reputation for performance, quality and value,” the action, filed with a district court in Tampa, Florida, says.

“The company has been damaged, and continues to be irreparably damaged by diversion of sales.”

Mr Alderman, who says he has sold ‘thousands’ of SexGen beds in the game since 2005, is seeking damages equivalent to three times the estimated profit Catteneo has made through sales of his rival sex bed.

“We’re not going to sue him for a million dollars – I don’t want to crucify the guy. I’m trying to protect my income and my family.”