Stats: Facebook E-commerce Is Up This Holiday Season

Facebook emailed us about Holiday shopping and reported comScore numbers show since last year, more than half of the top 25 retail sites (like eBay, Levi's, and Amazon) have integrated with Facebook.

The folks over at Facebook sent us some stats this week about Facebook’s growing role in e-commerce over the Holidays.

The email detailed stats on the number of retailers adding the “Like” button and other Facebook integrations to their sites to promote shopping – and lots of it.

Facebook’s email to us said that comScore stats show since last holiday season, more than half of the top 25 retail sites (like eBay, Levi’s, and Amazon) have integrated with Facebook.

Here’s how Facebook influenced the nation’s collective wallet over the Thanksgiving break, according to the email:

Black Friday: There were more than six times the number of status updates related to retail purchases as the previous Friday (is this really a surprise though? It was BLACK FRIDAY after all).

Cyber Monday: Referral traffic to the most active retailers on Facebook increased 70 percent over the period from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.

We’ve been writing a great deal about Facebook commerce – last week we wrote this post about a study from private shopping site Kembrel that found Facebook shoppers have a seven to ten percent larger online shopping cart than those driven from other websites – in part due to special promotions run on Cyber Monday.

However, are you guys really spending more on Facebook then you would if you pounded the pavement and stood in line like you’ve done every year before?

We ran a poll asking you if you were likely to use Facebook to find out about Cyber Monday deals and 60 percent of you said you’re getting deals from other sources (while 59 percent of you said you weren’t shopping at all).

Our conclusion from this small study: While Facebook isn’t the primary source for online shopping information, it’s playing an increasingly important role in the world of e-commerce.

Do you think you’ll turn to Facebook as you begin to run out of time to shop this season? Are you more likely to find deals from friends or pages on Facebook? Tell us in the comments below.