Stations Stick with Blizzard Aftermath, Carry Mayor Bloomberg Update

Nearly every New York TV station (with the except of FiOS 1 and PBS-owned WNET/Channel 13) went live just after 11:30 this morning for an update from Mayor Bloomberg on the snowstorm aftermath.

WPIX, which did cover Bloomberg’s opening remarks, was the first to leave the press conference as soon as the “Q and A” portion started. Channel 11 returned for the final seven minutes of Jerry Springer.

WWOR took the feed of sister station WNYW.

Good Day anchor Greg Kelly and Tia Hernandez briefly wrapped up their coverage.

Kelly opined, “It’s a tough job, and it comes with the territory, Mayor Bloomberg. People want their snow out of there. You knew that getting into it.”

As Bloomberg’s news conference ended, WCBS and WABC began their noon newscasts. Channel 2 had the new morning (and noon tandem) of Rob Morrison and Mary Calvi.

Over on Channel 7, Ken Rosato anchored with Michelle Charlesworth, in for vacationing Lori Stokes. WABC chose to stay on the air for an additional eight minutes.

WNBC, not usually on with a newscast at noon, yanked The Rundown and Daily Connection, in favor of special snow cleanup coverage.