Static HTML Tops This Week's Fastest Growing Apps

Tools used to build and improve Facebook pages continue to rally as the fastest growing applications.

A number of tools used to build and improve Facebook pages continue to rally as the fastest growing applications. We also bring you a few of the hottest global video apps that have attracted plenty of new users, and we track all the latest trends that have seen tremendous weekly growth totals. We compile these rankings based on our statistic tool that taps right into data coming from the social network. Read on.

The Week’s Fastest Growing Applications

Name Daily Active Users Monthly Active Users Weekly Growth
1.Static HTML: iframe tabs 1,117,124 30,042,781 2,491,951
2. Kral Video! 378,338 1,397,829 1,329,986
3. Quiz Taco! 609,520 13,472,424 1,237,558
4. Zombie Lane 1,214,797 6,538,999 1,064,623
5. Daily Horoscope 3,557,923 6,591,994 1,038,856
6. BandPage by RootMusic 1,186,049 23,858,449 921,907
7. PowerVideo 2,192 896,440 878,094
8. Galaxía Online II, Mejor Juego de Ciencia Ficción 188,862 999,483 874,531
9. Bing 4,406,855 27,462,982 664,944
10.HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa 298,246 5,727,077 627,760
11. Gourmet Ranch 460,931 5,965,466 591,843
12. Welcome Tab For Pages 203,685 3,183,398 584,563
13. Quizical 52,088 1,111,756 548,660
14. Diamond Dash 1,349,316 7,612,751 527,625
15. Welcome Tab 151,933 975,246 464,051
16. Advanced FBML 114,561 1,520,174 414,295
17. Zoosk 687,943 9,356,846 402,843
18. Videohane 150,346 376,596 373,359
19. Monster Galaxy 620,782 11,927,399 356,937
20. Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages 143,404 3,576,998 334,082

Page Creation Tools

For a second week in a row Static HTML: iframe tabs tops our list. Between pages they power and the views on the tabs they have built, the application has another successful week with a 2,491,951 increase. For the musicians out there, BandPage by RootMusic continues to the hot choice as it finishes in sixth with 921,907 adds. Iwipa takes a fall this week, but rounds out the top ten with a weekly growth total of 627,760.

Welcome Tab For Pages moves a few steps back to 12th this time around; the application still has a notable week though finishing with a 584,563 increase. WeBuzz’s Welcome Tab alternative makes its first appearance just two places behind; the tool had a 464,051 seven day increase.

Another newcomer, Advanced FBML, successfully nabs the 15th position as it helped 414,295 page administrators. Wildfire’s iFrames for Pages application hangs on for another week claiming the final spot on our countdown as the tool was utilized by an additional 334,082 users.

Video Apps Around The Globe

Three Turkish video applications all succeeded in landing spots on this week’s countdown. Kral Video explodes forward; the app takes third on its first appearance with the help of 1,329,986 social networkers. A second alternative, PowerVideo, nabs the seventh spot as 878,094 new viewers tuned in. Videohane lands in 18th with 373,359 new watchers since last Friday.

Old And New Friends

Quiz Taco continues to be a popular destination to learn little known facts about one another; the application lands in third this week as it welcomed 1,237,558 new curious friends. Quizical is a new alternative snagging a spot on our countdown for the first time as it lands in 13th finishing the week with a 548,660 seven day increase.

The mingling continues on Zoosk as the dating application returns moving up 17th; 402,843 people began chatting throughout the past week.

Hooked On Games

Zombie Lane holds steady in the fourth spot for another week in row; 1,064,623 social networking gamers began playing the addicting Digital Chocolate developed option in the past week. Galaxía Online II, Mejor Juego de Ciencia Ficción – which translates to Online Galaxy II, Best Science Fiction Game – is a Spanish choice with a wordy title, but it continues to grow at a notable rate. The app has an impressive week ending in the eighth position welcoming 874,531 new gamers.

Gourmet Ranch drops back this week as it starts off the second half of our countdown; the Playdemic game saw a weekly growth increase of 591,843. Diamond Dash continues to slip as it falls six spots to 14th; the gaming application was added by 527,625 likers. Monster Galaxy fights its way back onto our list this week thanks to 356,937 new players on a quest to save the world.

Astrology And Search Engines

We close this week with a few reoccurring names that have made their share of appearances on the fastest growing list. Soft Reklam’s Daily Horoscope skyrockets to fifth this week with a seven day increase total of 1,038,856. Bing takes three steps back as it lands in ninth; 664,944 users synched their accounts with the Microsoft search engine last week.

Readers, do any applications or trends catch your eye this week?