Static HTML Is Facebook's Fastest Growing App Again

Page creation tools make a massive comeback on our list this week.

Many of last week’s applications appear to be on an extended Fourth of July vacation, that has opened up room for many new competitors. On our weekly growth leaderboard this time around page creation tools make a massive comeback. After you read this post, be sure to take a glance at the in-depth statistical tool used to compile these rankings.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Applications

NameDAUMAUWeekly Growth
1. Static HTML: iframe tabs1,698,00830,688,9072,548,651
2. Zoosk1,357,60322,608,7431,652,413
3. VEVO for Artists525,81011,924,4611,360,982
4. Video Yeri306,8431,611,1701,038,681
5. Global Warfare279,1392,829,008850,479
6. Static FBML 21,854,84737,070,691764,057
7. Yahoo!8,474,91615,974,602602,245
8. Zoo World489,2653,961,293508,704
9. HTML + iframe + FBML = iwipa641,60211,738,539508,473
10. Hosted iFrame44,5152,069,332490,021
11. BranchOut125,9742,764,149459,732
12. My Tab196,6504,108,281452,298
13. Welcome tab app for Pages377,1617,028,305420,819
14. Social Empires229,0322,328,685411,859
15. Daily Horoscope6,202,10514,196,322394,471
16. Cidade Maravilhosa99,421623,600360,269
17. Trial Madness89,5381,550,346357,175
18. Bubble Island1,770,1569,054,714356,587
19. Mis amigos animales67,753841,788355,852
20. Pool Master94,1751,628,048353,395

Page Creation

After its appearance last week following an extended absence, Static HTML: iframe tabs returns to conquer the top 20; the page building tool had a tabs built and view total of 2,548,651. In sixth place, Static FBML 2 is building a reputation as it tallies a 764,057 weekly growth increase. The simplicity of Iwipa aids in its continual reappearance on our list; this week the tool’s 508,473 growth total moves it forward to eighth place.

Newcomer Hosted iFrame cuts our countdown in half as totals 490,021 adds. Finishing on each others heels, My Tab and Welcome tab app for Pages call the 12th and 13th positions home. Respectively, the first finishes with a 452,298 weekly growth total and the latter sees a 420,819 increase.

Page administrators, do you have a preference towards any of these apps for customizing your tabs?


For the daters out there, Zoosk continues to have a stronghold on social networkers – regardless of mixed reviews surrounding the service. The app settles for second this time around as it accrues 1,652,413 new singles.

For professional networking, BranchOut continues to be a hot spot for those looking to increase connections and search for possible employment opportunities. Coming in 11th, LinkedIn competitor welcomes 459,732 new networkers.


Peaking at third this week, VEVO for Artists completes the week with a noteworthy 1,360,982 increase. In Turkey, viewers continue to tune into the clips offered by Video Yeri; the app’s 1,038,681 helps it leap forward to fourth place.


It seems to be a week for the gamers. Moving nine spots forward, Global Warfare sits pretty in fifth as it grows by 850,479 new players. RockYou’s Zoo World sees an improved total; a 508,704 weekly growth total propels it into eighth place. Social Empires makes a first time appearance in the fourteenth position; the Social Point game has 411,859 more people constructing their own empires.

Build your own city in Brazil with Cidade Maravilhosa. Another newbie to our list, the app finishes the week welcoming 360,269 new social networking gamers – a 16th place finish. Take a motorcycle on a joyride in Trial Madness; the application’s 357,175 seven day growth total makes enough noise to land in 17th place. Just behind, Bubble Island has 356,587 more Facebook users hooked on its simple concept.

In the final two places on our countdown are once again new choices to our countdown. Mis amigos animales accrues an additional 355,852 adds. Pool Master has 353,395 people calling their shots.

Search And Predictions

We close this week with two regulars in the top 20. Yahoo climbs into seventh place as 602,245 people synched their accounts. Daily Horoscope continues to be the dominant astrological option completing the week in the 15th spot predicting the days of yet another 394,471 Facebook users.

Readers, did you begin using any of the fastest growing applications this week?