Staten Island Newspaper Cedes to 2 Democrats and a ‘Deplorable’

More voices from the borough that voted Trump.

On the first Sunday after the election, the home page of the Staten Island Advance looks like this:


And the front page of the print edition, like this:


From the borough that voted 57% in favor of President-elect Trump, executive editor Brian J. Laline makes a pointed reference to the Statue of Liberty and explains that he solicited for today’s Sunday edition the post-election thoughts of a so-called “deplorable” (resident Alicia Colon) and two local Democratic representatives (New York State Senator Diane Savino and New York State Assemblyman Matthew Titone). From Savino’s op-ed:

We may not all be happy about the outcome, some may be grieving and feeling despair, but in the end, we must move forward. I am having flashbacks of 2000, and I know that we cannot relive the Bush/Gore divisions again which created the animosity that led to the bitter divisions in Washington.

The American people are trying to tell us something. They are tired of the same partisan conflict that prevents those who are elected to solve problems from even trying to, and they are just tired of the same old game.

It is dangerous for Democrats to write this off as simply losing to racist, bigots and demagogues. It is equally dangerous for Republicans to think that they can govern by ignoring the concerns of those who feel threatened or marginalized in our society.

Comments are closed on the two politician essays but open for Colon’s readers to react. Among the feedback are more nearby reminders of the sort of voter sensibilities that roiled the media establishment this past Tuesday:

@dontlooknow: I would be very happy if my daughter got a week to spend with Donald Trump. He’s a good man, honest and very successful with a big heart. His family is living proof of what a good man he is.

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