Statement From Herman Cain’s Lawyer About Latest Sexual Allegations Could Hurt More Than Help

Herman Cain broke the news today that he’s going to be accused of being an adulterer. Seriously, are The Daily Show writers running this campaign? WTF Herman Cain! WTF!

While on CNN’s The Situation Room today, Wolf Blitzer announced breaking news straight from Cain. The presidential candidate went on to say that someone he’d known for more than a decade would accuse him in the press of having an affair, the third woman to make some sort of sexual accusation against the GOP presidential candidate.

He didn’t want to discuss it too much because, Cain said, they’re waiting for the story to come out. Still, Cain’s attorney has issued what reads like a virtual admission that something was happening between the accuser, Ginger White, and Herman Cain for 13 years.

After confirming that, no, Cain isn’t once again being accused of making unwanted sexual advances, the statement all but says that he was making wanted advances to someone who wasn’t his wife.

“Rather, this appears to be an accusation of private, alleged consensual conduct between adults – a subject matter which is not a proper subject of inquiry by the media or the public,” the statement says.

One gets the feeling that Cain and his camp were trying to get the jump on this story a la David Letterman a couple of years ago. But oh my geez, this is a sad, hilarious carnival.

The interview with the accuser, Ginger White, will be airing shortly. Herman Cain’s interview below.