State Unemployment, December 2009: ‘Generally Higher’

State-by-state unemployment in the month of December 2009 was generally higher than a month earlier, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Though eleven states actually added jobs in December, California, Texas, Ohio and Illinois shed nearly 100,000 in just one month.

Michigan was again the state with the highest unemployment rate, at 14.6 percent. Nevada followed at 13.0 percent; Rhode Island, 12.9 percent; and South Carolina, 12.6 percent.

The lowest jobless rate was in North Dakota, where instead of six people competing for every job, there are six people competing for every cow.

Okay, okay, not really. But looking at the following map, you can see that the only three states where the economic picture is less than heartstoppingly bleak (under 6 percent unemployment) are the Dakotas and Nebraska. Everywhere else isn’t looking so hot.

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