The State of Social Rich Media: Mobile Is Social and Social Is Mobile [Infographic]

With more than 65 percent of time spent on social media occurring via mobile device, it's time for marketers to get serious about delivering rich media optimized for mobile.

When it comes to content marketing, it’s become clear that content including visual elements is more engaging. According to the folks at Moontoast, a social media advertising platform, rich media on social has changed the way brands engage with their fans — and it goes beyond visual.

Moontoast founder and CTO Marcus Whitney says that when this content hits the feeds of consumers, “it takes the power of ‘standard rich media,’ sometimes called interactive multimedia or immersive media – which contain content such as graphics, photos, animation, video, audio, games, etc. — and turns it into a branded ad format powered by native Facebook ads, tweets and other social ad platforms.”

Whitney added that social rich media has been proven to boost the effectiveness of digital campaigns and increase both brand loyalty and consumer trust. He cited the example of a Moontoast-powered Toyota campaign that ran on Instagram. The goal was to increase brand awareness and educate consumers about the 2014 Toyota Tundra.

“[The campaign] saw a 15 percent voting conversion rate from people who clicked on the unit, as well as an 85 percent opt-in rate for email data capture from these voters,” Whitney says.

Moontoast collected data from a variety of sources and put together an infographic about the state of social rich media. One key takeaway for marketers to keep in mind is that 65 percent of the time spent on social networks happens on a mobile device. Not only are does more social interaction happen via mobile, with Android representing more than half of all mobile devices, it’s not enough to target the iOS market first.

“Social is now as inherently mobile as mobile is inherently social,” Whitney says. “If we plan on delivering content across social platforms accessed by mobile devices, we should all be developing that content and creative in the best possible format for mobile.”

Check out the infographic below.


Featured Image: Jason A. Howie