State of the News Media Report Out This Monday

We wonder if it’ll be like the State of the Union where it’s always good even when its actually bad.

Press release in-full:

State of the News Media Available Monday

The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism will be releasing its annual State of the News Media Report on Monday, March 15. This is a major release-each year the State of the News Media study provides a sweeping analysis of the major sectors of journalism by identifying broader industry trends, marking key indicators, and noting areas for further inquiry.

This year, the study includes several components that are newsworthy, including new findings on online news drawn from:

  • A new analysis of Nielsen Net ratings data of the top 200 news sites in the US
  • A new survey of online news consumers about their attitudes toward pay walls, online advertising and more
  • A new multi-university study of 60 of the most highly-regarded new community media sites.

  • The overview and key findings track job losses across all media sectors (including a dollar figure on the reduction in reporting and editing capacity to compare with a value of new media experiments), and also track revenue for each media sector and a breakdown of network economics.

    In addition, the study includes two new major interactive features: a new database called Who Owns the Media covering the top 125 media companies in the US, and new interactive utility called Year in the News, a comprehensive content analysis of media performance based on 68,000 stories from 2009.