State Of Media Job Boards: Flat Is The New Up

In June, the growth in job postings on some major media job boards flattened off a bit, signaling that job openings may have reached a plateau.’s board, which ended the month of May with an average of 1300 postings on any given day, saw the steepest moderation, finishing June with an average of 1180 openings per day. But and both saw upticks in the number of postings on their boards.
In the following graphs of the three months ended June 30, the blue line represents the number of postings on a given day; the red is a seven-day average meant to smooth out weekend fluctuations. The gray bar represents the month of June.

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This is a very unscientific survey, but we thought we’d try to make clear what we’re doing anyway.
It’s very simple. Around the same time every afternoon, we visit each job board and make a note of how many postings are listed. So this doesn’t measure the quality of postings, account for duplicates, or even guarantee that one board with bigger numbers is better than a board with smaller numbers. Heck, it doesn’t even account for the days that we’re sick and forget to check the post total. But it does at least give jobseekers some idea of what they’re up against.
Why these three?
We’d like to survey more boards, but all the ones we’ve found have been either too broad (, too narrow (PRWeek, for example, has a job board but never seems to have more than 20 or so listings), or don’t disclose the number of postings publicly. If you know of a good job board that fits our criteria, feel free to e-mail.