StartTalking: Free Android App for Handsfree Twitter, Facebook & Text Messaging

The press release for the free Android app from StartTalking claimed: Free Android App Solves Distracted Driving. I’m not convinced this claim is entirely correct. I would, however, be less inclined to argue with the claim on their website:

StartTalking Increases Safety by Reducing Distractions

The StartTalking app for Android provides the following features which are all carried out using voice commands.

– Send text messages
– Listen to incoming text messages as they arrive
– Reply to messages
– Post to Twitter
– Post to Facebook

Although it does provide a hands-free way to carry out these tasks, I’m still concerned that the simple act of composing a message or listening text-to-speech translated incoming messages may still be too distracting for some (many? most? all?) drivers.

The free Android app can be found here:

Or, just search for it in the Android Market.

Note: It is a gigantic (relatively speaking) 9.55MB large app that does not provide the option for installation on an SD card in an Android phone.