Start a Book Club With Facebook’s Graph Search

Facebook has rolled out its new Open Graph social search feature, a tool that will help you find people who like the same things as you and search for particular themes among your friends.

The tool was introduced in beta back in January but is now widely available. You can search your Facebook by different topics, say an author that you like or a genre that you enjoy. Then you can search based on who you want to include such as family members, friends, or even just anyone on Facebook. So say for instance, you’d like to start a book club with family members who like to read romances. You can search the Open Graph tool based on these attributes and start the club from there.

It also works for images. Say you’d like to look at photos of locations in Dublin to support your book club’s James Joyce month. You can then search, “Photos my friends took in Dublin.” You can use the search for any interest really, not just books. Follow this link to test it out.