StarSpotter App Takes Celebrity Stalking to the Next Level

As if Gawker Stalker wasn’t intrusive enough to celebrities, there is now an app that mixes location services and crowd sourcing to track celebrities wherever they go.

The iOS/Android app is called StarSpotter. It encourages users to share their celebrity sightings while they are out and about. These tips are mapped based on the location of the celebrity sightings so that users can search for celebrities in their vicinity.

Check it out: “StarSpotter is perfectly designed to find your much loved celebrities, events and gossip in real-time, closer to your location or anywhere you travel in the world. StarSpotter captures your favorite celebrities, politicians, musicians, athletes and models on the go in your pocket.”

The app has a photosharing platform for fans to share their pics of these celebs and there is even a tool that lets you stalk specific stars, as you can “follow your favorite celebrity” to get a push notification when this person is spotter anywhere in the world.