Starship Launches Playworld Superheroes on iOS

The game is aimed at players five and up, and engages a child’s imagination by allowing them to create and become a superhero of their own design

Playworld Superheroes

Starship, a Liverpool-based digital media, technology and entertainment company, has announced the release of Playworld Superheroes on mobile devices. The game is aimed at players five and up, and engages a child’s imagination by allowing them to create and become a superhero of their own design, taking them into adventures to save the world from an alien invasion.

Gameplay in Playworld Superheroes is split into two distinct sections: hero creation and hero adventures. In the creation portion of the game, players hang out in and around their treehouse, creating pieces for their superhero costume from the random objects scattered around the area. Users collect pieces of trash, like old pieces of cardboard or aluminum cans, and, using their imagination (and some helpful in-game templates), can create blasters, pieces of armor, jet boots and more for their superhero.

Playworld Superheroes

During this crafting phase, players have access to a variety of crayons, as well as other decorative accessories, like star cutouts. When players are done, each piece is transformed into part of the superhero’s futuristic armor, all within the in-game child’s imagination.

After players have created a starter costume, they can take their hero into adventure levels, which see them fighting off multiple waves of enemies using their blasters and reflexes. Players tap on aliens to target them, and can swipe left and right to change positions in the environment. These rapid movements also allow players to manually collect the currency dropped by fallen enemies.

If enemies get too close, users can take them on individually in hand-to-hand combat. This turns the experience into a fighting game, as users rapidly swipe on the screen to throw punches at the enemy, draining its health bar.

Playworld Superheroes

Gamers can bounce back to the treehouse at any time to spend their collected currency on new pieces of equipment for their superhero’s outfit. Pieces can eventually be upgraded with new add-ons, which may increase the player’s health during combat, for instance.

As a premium title, Playworld Superheroes is completely free from in-app purchases. The game is the first in an ongoing franchise from Starship, with additional details for the next two games still under wraps.

Playworld Superheroes is available to download for $3.99 on the iTunes App Store. For more on the game’s development, check out our interview with Starship CEO, Martin Kenwright.

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