Stars Are Blinded

It’s official. Celebrity Journalists now outnumber the stars in Hollywood. Maybe even in the sky — we’re still working out the math on that one.

“Journalists” from more than 120 “news” organizations are spending the week primping, preening and plucking in anticipation of asking one another, “What the hell is that guy’s name again? That one. What show’s he on?”

It seems like every five minutes someone sends us a press release, touting their nominally famous hires for Red Carpet Coverage. Just now, we got one from Access Hollywood, telling us that Dancing with the Stars semi-finalist Lisa Rinna and What Not To Wear’s Stacy London will gab with celebs on their dime.

This got us wondering if the Emmys have gone credential-happy, handing out press passes to every Kellie Pickler who walks in with a notepad (in which case, we’re so going).

An exasperated woman named Debbie from the Lippin Group tells FBLA no, there probably aren’t more journalists creditialed to cover the Emmys this year. It just feels that way.