Starck’s Bon is Tres Mal

Because we’re going to be driving past Moscow, Iowa in a couple of hours on a trip to go spend the long weekend in the metropolis that is home to our alma mater, Iowa City, Iowa, we thought we’d take this second to talk about that other, lesser-known one in Russia (which is a small country in Europe somewhere). This was another happy find by way of the terrific Yanko Design, about uber-designer Philippe Starck’s new restaurant there in Moscow called Bon (actually, it’s the third Bon, but the first in Russia). The place sounds interesting at best, irritating at worst. Starck apparently doesn’t like Moscow much and wanted his restaurant to reflect that. It’s tacky, it’s gaudy, and it mocks the excess wealth that some in Russia seem to have lucked out with. “Violence, sex, and food” is the theme and from the photos on Yanko, we think Starck nailed it. But at the same time, the place is just absolutely gorgeous and if it wasn’t explained to you (“Remember, this place is supposed to be enjoyed ironically”), one likely wouldn’t pick up on it. But then you’d be the one Starck would be looking at from the kitchen, snickering loudly about, right?