Starchitects Form Alliance to Battle the Anti-Modern Prince Charles

Speaking of Zaha Hadid, she has joined forces with an impressive roster of starchitects, including Jacques Herzorg, Norman Foster, and Renzo Piano, to put all of their names on a public letter to rally against the UK’s resident hater of all things modern, Prince Charles, for his trying to convince a developer to change the plans for his newest building, opting for a more traditional look than the original designed by Richard Rogers. The Prince, who we just talked about a short while back when he essentially pulled this same move and destroyed a charity’s chance at a new building, has caught the ire of this super team of architects who published said letter of disagreement in yesterday’s Sunday Times. Here’s a bit:

“If the prince wants to comment on the design of this or any other project we urge him to do so through the established planning consultation process,” they write.

“It is essential in a modern democracy that private comments and behind-the-scenes lobbying by the prince should not be used to skew the course of an open and democratic planning process that is currently under way.”