Starchitect Calatrava’s Influence Spreads Into Car Design


We can say for certain that we know that this car likely won’t be seeing a lot of driveways in the next couple of years, given how it looks like it belongs in a film set fifty years from now (minus the ability to fly), but we found it interesting that this concept car from Volkswagen and Mark Kirsch is said to be highly influenced by the work of starchitect Santiago Calatrava, he of the oft-talked about Chicago Spire. Here’s some:

…The project was created considering the visual and conceptional influence of internationally renowned architect Santiago Calatrava. Kirsch created a vehicle that enables a higher level of comfort whilst enhancing the driving experience and promoting ecological values. The target was to create a visionary concept car, shaped and based on the Calatravian motto of “dynamic balance” through the use of new technologies.

Next week we’re expecting to see Zaha concept Buicks and Libeskind concept Hondas.