Starbucks Faces Wrath of White House Reporter

CBS Radio White House Correspondent Mark Knoller has become legendary for his rants on Twitter. Today, he is having a hard time with his local Starbucks. On his way into the White House, Knoller stopped off for breakfast and tried to use a 50 dollar bill (must be nice) to pay for his breakfast, which was less than 10 dollars. When they explained they don’t take bills as large as $50, he took to Twitter and did what any normal person would do — he wrote the Secretary of Treasury.

We’re sure Tim Geithner is going to get RIGHT on this, Mark. Knoller continues,

Lucky for Knoller, he had ten singles in his pocket and was able to pay the bill with that. We’re guessing he didn’t tip.

We asked Knoller for comment on how he resolved his breakfast crisis, but he grew sheepish about responding. “I don’t want to make more of this than a few tweets,” he wrote FBDC. “But thanks.” (Really? You don’t want to make more out of this, but you do what any self-respecting White House reporter would and you write the Treasury Secretary about it? Just a little late for backtracking now.)