Star Wars: Tiny Death Star receives Imperial content update


Disney Mobile has announced the launch of the Imperial update in Star Wars: Tiny Death Star, allowing users to “go even deeper into the Dark Side” with an updated Imperial Assignments system. Instead of performing simple research in the floors below the base tower, this update will see users completing special events, dozens of new missions and more to earn rewards.

A new Imperial Assignments center offers 100 new missions for players, as the Emperor demands additional resources for his invasion of Rebel Bases. Weekly events will also be available in a limited time format, with special and exclusive rewards available for participation. These rewards include VIP bitizens, Imperial Bux (the game’s premium currency), new character costumes, levels for the tower, and new characters.

In addition, the new Cargo Bay floor gives players easy access to all of the rewards they’ll earn in this hefty new update. Finally, players can now login with Facebook to compare their progress with friends to see who has the best Tiny Death Star so far.

Developed in association with Tiny Tower creator NimbleBit, Star Wars: Tiny Death Star hit the market in November of last year with over 80 floors to build, hundreds of items to stock and a mission system to keep users pushing ever forward. The game is available to download for free on iOS, Google Play, the Amazon App Store and the Windows Phone Store.

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