‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Poster Caused a Disturbance in the Force

Luke, we hope you are serving your master well.

It didn’t come from a galaxy far, far away. It was most likely from a printing press outside Nicasio, Calif., (probably this place), but it caused a shot heard ’round the world.

The official movie poster for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ has been unveiled!

And, without provocation or command, people aged four decades and above crawled out from a pile of toys still encased in their original packaging to begin investigating the artwork, the pictures and the connections to the movie legacy.

Before we talk about the #PRFail that has been buzzing on forum boards, here’s the poster. Take a look:


Sweet, right?

Kylo Ren, the main bad dude is there, in all his enigmatic glory and crucifix lightsaber. Captain Phasma is dawning his her metallic meanness. The new droid all kids will be next Halloween, BB-8, is seen. The old classics in Han, Leia, Chewie, C3PO, and R2D2 are there (and thank Yoda for that). The heroine, Rey, is seen with her staff used for imperial troops to catch a beatdown. The new hero, Finn — guy gone Stormtrooper to Jedi apprentice — is rocking a blue lightsaber.

And that’s where people started frowning. A blue lightsaber? Hey! Where the hell is Luke Skywalker?! 

Oh sure, there is another planet-destroying, laser-wielding, rebellion-hating super weapon in the background. And while that may have deterred the conversation on “this thing or the Death Star,” it still doesn’t erase the fact that Finn has someone else’s lightsaber.

So, what the what?!

Is Luke’s role in ‘The Force Awakens’ so inconsequential that he doesn’t merit a position on the poster? Is there a spoiler alert that will unfold as a result of this miss? Did Finn pick up Luke’s first lightsaber at a garage sale on Tatooine following ‘Dad’ chopping off his hand?

Who knows, but one thing is clear: Everyone that cares is talking about it. Maybe that’s not a #PRFail after all. Advantage: The Force.

P.S. #ICYMI: Here’s the trailer everyone’s been talking about: