Star Wars‘ Modern Art Connections


Eva Hagberg, celebrated journalist, all around good person, and our predecessor as UnBeige 2.0, was kind enough to let us know about a great new piece of writing about an artist we’re a big fan of around here, John Powers (check out his latest work here). Said piece is entitled “Star Wars: A New Heap” and it’s page after page of making art directed connections between the world of Star Wars and the art, design, and architecture from which it sprung (be they conscious bits of borrowing or just snapped up because they were floating around in the culture at the time). It’s a great read, and if we haven’t sold it well enough by this point, here’s Eva’s quick synopsis:

John just published a piece on the relationship between Star Wars and modernism — ‘Was George Lucas a minimalist? Was Donald Judd a Jedi?” — all wrapped up in an encylopedic knowledge of art history and the minutiae of Episode IV: A New Hope.