‘Star Wars’ Makes a Memorial Day Joke; Facebook Freaks Out

More social media outrage!

Memorial Day is all about little mini-messaging blowups, isn’t it?

Today we already posted on a barely-there “scandal” over an upside-down flag and a real moral debate about the fact that we, the American taxpayers, give the NFL money to support the military (with a little help from the Department of Defense).

Now it’s time for the question no one asked before yesterday: what about “Star Wars?!

The property’s official Facebook page posted this yesterday:

star wars

…and there was much arguing in the comments.

The debate here isn’t over whether the barge scene is THE BEST part of “Return of the Jedi” or whether Salacious B. Crumb was history’s greatest evil Muppet. Those facts are not in dispute.

It’s more about the tastelessness of comparing a scene in a fantasy film* to a holiday commemorating the passing of people whose lives were very real.

Obviously yesterday was not the smartest time to run this promo despite the fact that May 25th really is “Star Wars Day,” but the joke (if you could call it that) relies on tying the holiday to a scene in a movie.

Ask yourself, though: is this post really any less tone-deaf than the PacSun shirt that led to a segment on the TODAY show? Once again we learn that outrage is selective, fanboys/girls are very forgiving, and some people demonstrate warped priorities on Facebook.

We can all agree, however, that this particular joke wasn’t very funny.

*Don’t even start to argue that “Star Wars” is a sci-fi series. You will lose.