Star Wars: Commander Updated with Dandoran Conflict

star wars commander dandoranAfter a successful launch on iOS devices at the end of August, Disney’s Star Wars: Commander has received its first content update, complete with a limited-time event called The Dandoran Conflict. This event will let both Rebel and Imperial commanders collect a new troop type for their armies, and also unlocks the Campaign Store for access to exclusive rewards from the Star Wars universe.

In Star Wars: Commander, players build a base, balancing the use of key resources as they recruit soldiers for their armies and attack enemy bases in a style similar to Clash of Clans (and a number of other mobile titles).

This Dandoran Conflict event sees players traveling to Dandoran, a planet with loads of mineral resources. Both the Rebel and Imperial forces have set up bases on the forest planet, so users must eliminate their enemy’s bases through 26 story-based missions. Like elsewhere in the game, this event sees players earning stars, based on their performance within each mission. In addition, users earn Campaign Points, which can be spent in the Campaign Store on new troops. Earning a one-star rating on the first mission, for instance, rewards users with 45 points, and so wars commander 650 2Rebel commanders can purchase the Rebel Vanguard Trooper, while Imperial leaders can purchase an Imperial Shock Trooper. Both wield rocker launchers, which are helpful when destroying buildings. The store also contains Rebel ATAPs (All Terrain Attack Pods) and Imperial ATMPs (All Terrain Missile Platforms).

Some of these rewards are pretty expensive (unlocking the Rebel Vanguard, for instance, costs 6,000 points), but if players complete all 26 story missions and have yet to run out of time in this event (the timer currently sits at around 24 hours), or unlock all of their wanted items, they can replay the final mission multiple times in order to earn additional points.

Outside of this limited-time event, the overall game has been updated with other new troops for Rebels (Rebel Sharpshooter and Hailfire Droid) and Imperials (Sniper Trooper and Mobile Heavy Cannon), the ability to sync gameplay across devices using Game Center, and new missions in Chapter 8 of the game’s storyline, among others enhancements.

Star Wars: Commander is available to download for free on iOS devices. The game is currently featured as a Best New Game on iTunes and is the No. 9 Top Grossing app on iTunes, as of this writing.