Star Wars: Commander Passes 5 Million Downloads as Players Side with the Empire

star wars commander 650Since the launch of Disney’s Star Wars: Commander on August 21, over five million players have joined the Galactic Civil War on iOS devices. In the base-building combat game, players have the option to back either the Rebel forces or the Empire, defeating units on the other team through story-based missions. So far, the good guys aren’t exactly winning, as the worldwide player base skews toward the Dark Side, with 52.4 percent backing the Empire, and 47.59 percent siding with the Rebels.

As of this writing, Russia is one of the strongest Empire-specific countries, with 57.69 percent of players choosing that faction. Other Empire-loyal countries include Austria, Germany, Japan and even the US. The United States is almost unanimously in favor of the Dark Side, with the sole exception of North Dakota.

Great Britain straddles the line between good and evil, with a slight advantage for the Empire, at 50.18 percent. Elsewhere, Chile, India, Brazil, Spain, Italy and France are all Rebel-based nations. Chile, for instance, has seen 57.19 percent of players side with the Rebels. Interestingly, large portions of Eurasia and North America skew toward the Empire, but South American and African nations trend toward the Rebel Alliance, as seen on the map in the infographic wars commander 650 3Overall gameplay stats see over 14 million battles waged since the game’s launch. With so many players backing the Empire, these stats are appropriately skewed in their favor, with 8.8 million of those battles taking place with the Empire’s army. During battle, Empire forces have deployed over 224 million Stormtroopers and over 6 million Tie-Fighter units. Compare that to the 172 million Rebel Troopers deployed, along with 597,000 Y-Wings and 944,000 X-Wings, and the Rebels appear to be even more outnumbered. All told, half a billion troops have been deployed across both factions.

Star Wars Factions is available to download for free on iOS. The game has already received its first major content update in the Dandoran Conflict, and you can check out our full coverage of the game’s launch right here on Inside Mobile Apps.

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