Star Tribune Offers More Buyouts

Just a few days ago it seems we were rounding up the names of the buyout-takers and layoff victims at the Minneapolis Star Tribune; well, the paper didn’t quite meet its staff reduction goal so it’s off to the voluntary separation races again.

The paper is seeking just five volunteers from the following categories, according to a memo posted by David Brauer at MinnPost:

– H scale feature editors
– A scale designers, but excluding designers who regularly design Page 1
– A scale photographers
– A scale reporters (from local news teams, features teams, or general assignment writers on any team)

These are all categories of employees who weren’t eligible for the last buyout, and according to the memo, a buyout request could be turned down if the paper deems you too valuable or irreplaceable.

Newspaper Guild local co-chair David Chanen told Brauer he would be “stunned” if the paper could get five volunteers; a spokesman responded: “We fully expect to get enough volunteers. This should not be an issue.”

At least it’s only five this time, though we’re sure many staffers are wondering why this wasn’t taken care of two weeks ago.

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