Star Trek The Mobie Game from EA Mobile Coming Soon to an iPhone Near You

Screenshot courtesy of EA Mobile

It isn’t in the Apple iTunes App Store yet, but you can read a bit about what to expect from EA Mobile’s upcoming…

Star Trek The Mobile Game for iPhone

There is a bit of a faux pas in their web page text where they say: Dr. Spock and Captain Kirk make special appearances to assist you on your cosmic journey! “Dr. Spock” was a child rearing expert. Star Trek’s character is, of course, “Mr. Spock”. That said, the screen shots look good. And, I’m looking forward to learning more about it when it becomes available.

It appears to be available now for various feature phones with a starting price of $6.99. You can find its non-iPhone product page here:

Star Trek The Mobile Game

UPDATE May 5: EA Mobile tweeted to let me know that the “Dr. Spock” typos have been corrected.