Star Trek Actor Launches Vitriolic Tumblr Rant Against Google+

What’s the most annoying thing on the web?  It might be spam, it might be pop-ups, and it might be mandatory registrations.  To Wil Wheaton, who played the redheaded Doctor’s son in Star Trek: The Next Generation, it’s definitely the third one.  The actor recently tried to ‘like’ a video on YouTube, and when the site tried to force him to sign up for Google+, he got angry and posted a rant on Tumblr.

The post isn’t particularly long, but it has enough swearing to make a sailor blush.  A lot of people recommend sleeping on it before sending an email in anger, but Wil didn’t get that memo, and you can feel the anger seeping off the screen in this one.

Oh, go **** yourself, Google. This is just as bad as companies forcing me to “like” something on Facebook before I can view whatever it is they want me to “like.”

Just let me thumbs up something, without forcing me to “upgrade” to G+, you ****heads.

The worst part of this? For a producer like me, I’m going to lose a crapton of potential upvotes for Tabletop, because the core of my audience is tech-savvy and may not want to “upgrade” to yet another ****ing social network they don’t want or need.

Pretty nasty stuff.  The thing is, the post was shared over 2000 times by Tumblrer’s, and I wonder if Wil didn’t turn a mild annoyance into the superlative for a little extra punch.  Maybe, maybe not.  Cnet observed that Wil has over 1.4 million followers on Google+, so it’s not like he just started using the network itself.  This has more to do with a project of his which his users won’t be able to “like” as easily because of this update.

What do you think?  Was this an overreaction?