Star Columnist: Imus Gave ‘Black People An Excuse’

We’ve read dozens of articles and received thousands — thousands — of e-mails on the Imus scandal this week, each seemingly with its own take and, like our poll, pretty much evenly-divided in terms of support. At this point, we’re hard-pressed to read anything that’s a fresh perspective. This column, by Jason Whitlock in the Kansas City Star, is one exception:

Thank you, Don Imus. You’ve given us (black people) an excuse to avoid our real problem.

You’ve given Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson another opportunity to pretend that the old fight, which is now the safe and lucrative fight, is still the most important fight in our push for true economic and social equality.

You’ve given Vivian Stringer and Rutgers the chance to hold a nationally televised recruiting celebration expertly disguised as a news conference to respond to your poor attempt at humor.

Thank you, Don Imus. You extended Black History Month to April, and we can once again wallow in victimhood, protest like it’s 1965 and delude ourselves into believing that fixing your hatred is more necessary than eradicating our self-hatred.

The bigots win again.

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