Star Chefs Collaborate On Cookstr, Recipe Finder

Just when you thought the rise of vowel-phobic domain names was yesterday’s news, a new one gets cooked up.

Cookstr offers up 200 star chefs, cookbook authors and publishers, all sharing their recipes and culinary expertise.. Unlike sites that allow any ‘chef’ to share their instructions on how to make ‘perfect grilled cheese,’ this site limits the noise by only allowing industry ‘rock stars’ to post. Current participants include Naked Chef Jamie Oliver, PBS mainstay Jacques Pepin and the immortal Julia Child.As someone who has had mixed results using recipes from user-generated content sites such as RecipeZaar, I like having an alternative to the Food Network. (How much Rachel Ray can one person take?)

There are several ways to find recipes. You can search by cuisine, ingredient,, occasion, and so on. Filter further by utilizing the left nav bar.

The user-interface is sleek and clean, we only hope it stays that way as the site evolves. Word is they will be adding a personalized component enabling users to save their recipes, notes and shopping lists. Work is also in motion to build a full-fledged social community.

Enjoy the site advertising-free…for now. Ads will be integrated early next year.

If you have deep pockets and like the concept, Cookstr is actively seeking financing.

Cooking Web sites attract tens of millions unique visitors a month. Despite steep competition, we don’t see any reason Cookstr can’t spread its flavor and cook up a real winner.