Touching on Tragedy With Trevor Ariza

It’s hard to avoid the hint of straight-ahead sensationalism when covering a tragic death like the one that claimed two-year-old Garden Grove toddler Lucas Anthony Tang at the Sunday November 21st game at Staples Center between the Los Angeles Lakers and Golden State Warriors. The young child somehow climbed over the glass barrier of a third-level luxury box and fell to his death below.

But senior AOL NBA writer Sam Amick ably circumvented that journalistic pitfall the next night after a Clippers-Hornets game at the same location. In speaking with former Laker Trevor Ariza, now a member of the New Orleans team, he found a unique way to examine the bigger and long-lasting effects of this type of terrible turn of events.

Writes Amick:

If anyone was going to understand the tragic circumstances at hand, it was Ariza. In 1996, his five-year-old brother, Tajh, was playing with his eight-year-old brother, Kenny, on the patio of a Venezuela hotel when the younger sibling fell 36 floors to his death…

“Of course (it reminds you),” said Ariza… “I lost a sibling. … I’m never going to forget about that. I think about him every day. Every day, all the time.”

The death of young Tang has been ruled an accident.

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