Stanzel Takes On Raddatz

Last week, things got heated between Deputy Press Secretary Scott Stanzel and ABC’s Martha Raddatz:

    Q Would you say he’s trying to — I mean, we know he’s said that in the
    past, but is he trying to reemphasize that today?

    MR. STANZEL: I think those are your words, Martha, but he, in his speeches

    Q But you seem to be going back — we know he’s said all that. Is he reemphasizing this today because —

    MR. STANZEL: But you’re not reporting it, Martha.

    Q Yes, we have. Of course, we have.

    MR. STANZEL: That’s the key difference here, is there is this impression that the President doesn’t want to bring the troops home. He does. And we

    Q So you’re trying to reemphasize that?

    MR. STANZEL: Those are your words, Martha.

    Q Are they accurate?