Stanza Disappears from Apple App Store

A little while ago, Teleread noticed that Stanza, the popular, Amazon-acquired eReader app, had disappeared from the Us and Canadian App stores. Immediately Teleread and others on Twitter began speculating that Amazon might be burying Stanza so as not to compete with Kindle.

In a post, Teleread said this: “I also noticed in the forum a rare posting from one of Stanza’s creators stating that there is currently no plans to update the application for iPad. One has to wonder what Amazon is doing … It is definitely worrying.”

It seems, however, that Stanza’s disappearance may just be a glitch. Twitter heavy-weight Jose Furtado noticed that Stanza’s founder, Neelan Choksi wrote this in a forum on Lexcycle’s Website (Lexcycle is the company behind Stanza): “We are aware of the issue, and Apple is working to track it down. Needless to say, we are trying to escalate with Apple and get this resolved as soon as possible.”

We’ll have more on this soon.