Stanley Bing Offers Up Morals on Big Business

Columnist authors latest book 'Bingsop's Fables'

Fables have provided excellent teaching moments for centuries. Populated with hares and lions and snakes, they offer readers packets of meaning without directly insulting the fools, blowhards, and douche bags represented by the animal avatars.

Stanley Bing, in his seemingly ageless dual career as columnist and author under the Bing handle, as well as media company communications lion under his real name, has spent decades watching these tales play out in both board- and barrooms.

Thus his latest book, Bingsop’s Fables: Little Morals for Big Business, in which Bing lances white-collar archetypes—the Stupid Investor, the Miserable Miserly Mogul—and provides morals drawn from each. They ring true enough to draw a resigned chuckle that the jackass you’ve  just read about might very well be you.