Stanford Experiments With iPads For Med Students


Will the iPad change study habits in medical school? The Stanford University School of Medicine is testing the theory. The university has given iPads to medical students and is studying their use of the tablets.

From the Stanford School of Medicine’s website: “Stanford’s medical school joins a small but growing group of educational institutions across the nation experimenting with iPads as a way to lighten the load of textbook-toting students, and to learn how best to teach an extremely tech-savvy generation of students who’ve grown up in a wired world.”

So far most of the students are adopting the new tablet. According to the Stanford site sixty-eight students are using the iPad exclusively for note taking, eight are still using laptops exclusively, eight more are using paper and the rest of the med students are using a mix.

Some students have pointed out the benefit of the color screens with the ability to zoom in as helpful for studying graphics and images.