Standwith: An Everyday App for Social Altruism and Activism

standwithIf you find yourself asking loved ones and friends, “How Can I help?” during times of crisis – there will soon be an app for that. It’s from Yael Cohen, founder of Fuck Cancer, and it’s bound to inject a bit more productivity into your social helping hand when a Facebook message just won’t do.

Cohen’s foray into caregiving began when her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Her experience brought about the non-profit charity, Fuck Cancer. Drawing from that experience, she is now launching a beta app for other caregivers to designate tasks and ask for assistance. The app is called Standwith.

Cohen knows that “so much of the time people send flowers and casseroles,” but “no one needs a fucking casserole; you’ve got 14 bouquets of flowers that are dying and nobody has walked the dog.” Standwith helps helping people find the right help to offer – and not just more flowers or casseroles.

For now, the app is focused on clean and clear care management design even a grandmother can understand. In the future, brands can also get involved by connecting with users who purchases products or services for caregivers. It’s a different monetization strategy, and it may help the startup stay floating long enough to help would-be supporters.

Interested users can signup to be beta testers on the app’s website.