Who Would YOU Like To Stalk On Twitter?

New people join Twitter every day, from celebrities and religious figures to politicians and your Aunt Gertrude (and she’s following you).

But there are still some holdouts who would make the Twitterverse just thatmuch better with their presence. Can you think of a few folks who fit that description? TIME came up with a list – and we have a few to add.

TIME came up with an “ultimate wishlist of the public figures” they’d like to see on Twitter – and tweeting. Public figures that join and don’t (or rarely) tweet are just annoying. Yeah, we’re looking at you Rob McElhenney.

Here’s TIME’s top twelve (you can read their witty reasons for each entry here):

1) George Clooney

2) Jennifer Lawrence

3) Tim Cook and Jonathan Ive (Someone should tell the folks at TIME that this is two people.)

4) David Beckham

5) Jon Stewart

6) Prince Harry

7) Hillary Clinton

8) Daniel Radcliffe

9) Kim Jong Un

10) Roger Ailes

11)  Woody Allen

12) Prince

And here are a few additions. They’re fictional characters because they’ll stay “in character” and not bother all of us with their crazy politics, nervous breakdowns and such:

Azula – the evil sister of Zuko in The Last Airbender. She’s wonderfully wackadoo and would provide endless retweetable moments.

Mojo Jojo – the supervillan chimpanzee mad scientist from the Powerpuff girls. If you’ve ever watched an episode, you understand why. If you haven’t – you need to. He’s one of those unintentionally hilarious types. Fantastic.

Mighty B (aka Bessie Higgenbottom) – she’s an overly ambitious honey bee girl scout with a great attitude, huge heart and geeky demeanor. Her tweets would be inspirational, sincere and sweet – and could probably change the world.

Your turn. Who would you like to stalk (follow, whatever – same thing) on Twitter?

(Image from Nickelodeon)