A Huge Jump in Traffic for STACK.com

Here’s a nice problem to have: Your Web traffic increases so dramatically from year-to-year that you have to scramble to put together a new, responsive design.

Such is the case with STACK.com, the New York-based site that provides a range of empowering content to high school athletes. In the past 12 months, according to STACK’s Google Analytics logs, monthly unique traffic has gone from around 500,000 to more than four million. There are also these impressive multi-platform stats from comScore for September:

STACK.com: 2.467 million uniques;
Seventeen.com: 1,887 million uniques;
TeenNick.com: 1.206 million uniques;
TeenVogue.com: 1.170 million uniques

STACK attributes the discrepancy between Google Analytics and comScore to the fact that “comScore data significantly under-reports traffic for teen sites, because its panel data does not include minors.” The company’s bi-monthly print magazine meanwhile currently has a rate base of 875,000 and reaches roughly three-quarters of the nation’s high schools.

STACK was launched in 2005 by Chad Zimmerman and Nick Palazzo, both former college athletes. They currently serve as, respectively, company president and CEO.