Journalist Tries Out Some of Sree Sreenivasan’s Twitter Advice

It earned her a quick, impressive transatlantic "Favorite."

SreeIndiaAhead of a new role as New York City chief digital officer beginning in October, Sree Sreenivasan traveled back home in India.

He gave a number of talks about social media, both on college campus and at the New Delhi U.N. office. At one of these events, writer Elizabeth Mathew decided, on the spot, to try out something that Sreenivasan counseled. From her piece for The Hindu:

“Build a network when you don’t need it,” Sree says, encouraging people to follow, retweet and tag people they would like to connect to, before they actually need to…

Taking his advice, I tweet a quote Sree shares, “The scarcest resource of the 21st Century is Human Attention,” and tag Les Hinton, ex-publisher of The Wall Street Journal. Within 10 minutes, Hinton’s handle has favorited my tweet, and I have two new random followers.

Remember; this is on a weekend, with Mitchell in India and Hinton in the U.S. Other observations from Sreenivasan included: hashtags are underrated; the life of a shared Twitter URL is about an hour; and on Twitter, everyone is “selling something.”

Another fun tidbit from Sreenivasan via his India tweets is that at both his family’s home and his in-laws, there are four to five print newspapers delivered every morning. In New York, he personally subscribes in print only to the Times. Check out more info from Srinivasan’s talks here.

Photo via: Twitter