Square Enix brings fruit-filled puzzle game Smoothie Swipe to Facebook

Image via Square Enix

Puzzle fans looking for a twist on traditional match-three play can now try Square Enix’s Smoothie Swipe on Facebook, a game that focuses on dragging and tracing lines over matching fruit, rather than swapping their positions.

Smoothie Swipe contains dozens of levels, each with a different layout and final goal. Players click and drag their mouse over matching fruit that is touching in some way, including diagonally. Once they’ve hit the end of the patch, the fruits are removed from the board and players earn points. The longer the line of connecting fruit, the more points the move is worth.

Levels may see players challenged with earning a set number of points in a limited number of moves, but they can keep going for more points after they’ve hit the minimum in order to earn the rest of each level’s three available stars.

Image via Square Enix

Each level in Smoothie Swipe comes with its own leaderboard for comparing scores against friends, and levels eventually become more complicated, asking players to make matches with specific kinds of fruit, rather than just going for large amounts of points. Some fruit may only be accessible by making large matches with other fruit, adding to the challenge.

Smoothie Swipe is monetized via a lives system and the purchase of power-ups, like a garden shovel which can be used to remove any single fruit from the board.

Smoothie Swipe currently has over 186,000 monthly active players, according to our app tracking service AppData. It’s now available to play for free on Facebook.