Spry Fox aiming for 10 years of Triple Town, mobile app heading to iOS and Android

Indie developer Spry Fox has rolled out a number of changes to Triple Town, its critically acclaimed first foray into social games, and is preparing a cross-platform mobile version.

Originally a Kindle title, the match three puzzle game has built up a small, but dedicated fan base on Facebook, where it has 160,000 MAU according to our AppData traffic tracking service. The game is also available on Google+, where it has about half as many users as it does on Facebook according to Spry Fox’s CEO and co-founder David Edery.

When Inside Social Games reviewed Triple Town in October, Spry Fox told us more features were coming and last week the company made good on the promise, introducing a major update that changed the game’s UI, expanded the gameplay with a world map, introduced daily bonuses and added new premium currency called Diamonds that can only be purchased with Facebook Credits.

Inside Social Games reconnected with Edery over the weekend to ask him about the development process behind the changes and to see what else the Seattle-based company has planned for the franchise.

Inside Social Games: We know that Triple Town is still in beta, but this is a very big update. How did Spry Fox approach designing it? 

David Edery: The difference between us and many other game companies is we consider the design process an ongoing thing. Our decision to release a game to the user isn’t dictated when we think it’s done — a successful game is never done — just if it’s fun and it meets certain internal benchmarks. If it does, great, let’s put it out there.

If you look at Realm of the Mad God [Ed. Note: A massively multiplayer game Spry Fox co-developed with Wild Shadow Studios] its been live and in the public for quite a long time now and we’ve made fairly massive changes to it. Of course there’s inevitably some people who will get upset when you change something that they really like. In general we try to be careful and only release big changes that we think will appeal to people significantly more. We’re perfectly willing to make big changes to our games if we think its in the game’s best interest and people will appreciate it over time.

ISG: One of the things you didn’t change much were the social features. You now get a daily in-game currency bonus based on how many friends you have playing the game, but Triple Town is still mainly relying on “word of mouth” viral mechanics. Are you trying to focus on slow, long term growth rather than a fast viral spread? How feasible is that considering the lifespan of an average social game is between eight to 12 months?

Edery: Our goal for all favorite franchises is to try to turn it into a hobby — something that people will indulge in for years and years, and obviously that’s not going to happen unless a game evolves. Not that I’m comparing Triple Town to World of Warcraft, but if you look at World of Warcraft today, the game has changed in every way since it launched — the design has fundamentally changed and it has many, many times the amount of content it had when it launched. There’s really no difference to our minds between Triple Town and World of Warcraft in the sense that we want people to be playing Triple Town in 10 years too and we think that there’s lots of things we can do to make that happen and you’re starting to see a taste of that. This is really just the tip of the iceberg. We have plenty more stuff planned.