Spruce Up Your Twitter Account with Tweetree

If you’re tired of seeing the same old interface of your Twitter account, you might want to try out Tweetree, a third-party Twitter service which provides you with a new way of reading and looking into updates of your Twitter contacts. Instead of straight-forward one-update per line, Tweetree gives you an alternative tree-like structure which features replies/comments made on a particular post/update.Tweetree also makes it easy to do this and would not require you to register or open any new account. You just need to log in using your Twitter credentials and in a jiffy, you’ll see a new Twitter interface.

But perhaps a great feature of Tweetree, aside from giving you a new Twitter interface is the fact that it lets you view external links, right within the Twitter stream. So, if you use Friendfeed to auto-post on your Twitter account, it will display the said Friendfeed post on your Twitter stream. Or if you post a link to a photo from your Flickr account, Tweetree will display that photo.

Tweetree also gets your original Twitter account background and then overlays the Tweetree interface.

Tweetree is a pretty simple service and yet provides a cool new Twitter experience which could spark up renewed interest in using Twitter.

Via Twitterrati