Sprout Launches New Facebook Branding Service

Social media company Sprout is launching a new bundle package for its strategies and campaigns services, which centers around building an online presence specifically on Facebook in just two weeks. For $50,000 Sprout’s new tool set is a bundle package that includes a Facebook application, Facebook Connect integration with their client’s site, and a Facebook Fan Page for engagement purposes with Facebook users.

The bundle package is customized to each individual client, with provisions for design, campaign management and tracking. Other features include quality assurance testing, consulting, campaign launch support and other key analytics for measuring purposes.

The main key concepts behind Sprout’s new offering is to kick start a brand’s Facebook presence, and offering a reasonable price point for the amount of work going into a brand’s presence. Targeting brands that aren’t already heavily tied into the web, specifically those that aren’t web based, seems to be an objective for Sprout with this new bundle package.

Staying specific to Facebook, this bundle package from Sprout indicates that Facebook’s platforms have reached a level of standardization that continually prompts dvelopment from third parties. This all supports Facebook’s economy, even if Facebook itself isn’t directly seeing any profits from this marketplace just yet.

We saw similar Facebook-specific branding services shortly after Facebook first launched its platform. With the increased capabilities of Facebook integration, thanks to new options like Facebook Connect, we’re seeing another influx of activity with companies like Sprout and Buddy Media.

My biggest concern with this kick start approach is the maintenance that a brand would need to do after Sprout has instituted its two week program. A brand would need to have a plan in place for keeping up with their new, nearly instant presence on Facebook. As Sprout is helping brands get over the initial obstacle of setting up their Facebook web presence, keeping up with it will be a major task for brands. Sprout offers analytics to this end, and will likely expand these features as the service and its needs continue to grow.