Sprint’s Image Picker-Upper

It’s hard to say what kind of press a company’s getting when headlines note that it does not, in fact, “suck.”

Forbes kicked it off yesterday, posting on how Sprint has “been looking to rebuild its once shoddy image with multiple initiatives.”

The company could up its brand perception with its recent measures — improving customer service, expanding smartphone offerings and bettering its network among them — but “also benefit from strategic efforts to tap new markets” the post says.

This morning the Kansas City Star blog had the story, headline “Forbes continues to give love to Sprint, say it doesn’t suck.”  It points to the earlier post’s interest in Sprint’s diversification, such as a deal that puts it in the automotive realm.

Meanwhile, the company was written about earlier this month for trying to up its reputation for environmental responsibility.

Mobiledia says that in a move to “differentiate itself from its competition while doing good for the environment,” Sprint continues to support green initiatives and “was the first carrier to introduce green design guidelines as well as a proprietary eco-logo.” Sprint currently offers several “eco-phone” options, including the Samsung Restore, which the story points out is “made from recycled plastics.”