Sprint’s HTC Touch Pro2 Has a Few More Features Than T-Mobile’s

HTC’s Touch Pro2 is the first, to my knowledge, Windows Mobile smartphone that will be carried by all four of the largest mobile carriers in the U.S. T-Mobile started the ball rolling in August. And, now Sprint announced that their model will be available starting on September 8…

HTC Touch Pro2 from Sprint Pairs a Dynamic Must-Have Business Device with the Best Value in Wireless

Surprisingly, (or not depending on your point of view) Sprint’s subsidized price is the same as T-Mobile’s: $349.99. And, once again, I think this price point is way too high for a subsidized phone. It should be $199.99 at the most. Ideally, it should be around $149.99.

There are a few differences between the T-Mobile and Sprint’s models aside from the GSM vs. CDMA voice network. Sprint’s model supports GSM in addition to Sprint’s native CDMA voice network, by the way.

– Sprint’s 3G network is, they claim, 20 times larger than T-Mobile’s. This alone should provide Sprint Touch Pro2 owners with a better experience

– Sprint TV service

– World Mobile Business Card Scanner included

– Standard 3.5mm audio jack (no jack on the T-Mobile model)